Autumn Ridge Stone is West Michigan Techo-Bloc Dealer

This will be our second year carrying Techo-Bloc concrete pavers and retaining walls. We are the Techo-Bloc dealer for West Michigan serving Holland, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Zeeland, Saugatuck, South Haven, Muskegon for Techo-Bloc concrete pavers. FREE concrete paver samples to help you decide which Techo-Bloc paver you like the best Displays showing what the Techo-Bloc concrete pavers look like installed. Access to one of the best concrete paver catalog in the industry.

Techo-Bloc designs and manufactures a variety of landscaping stone and concrete products, including: interlocking pavers, retaining wall blocks, slabs, caps, steps, edges, and more. Create your own outdoor oasis with beautiful landscaping, patio designs and products by browsing our selection of landscaping stone and concrete products. Click Here for a full catalog.

What makes Techo-Bloc products the benchmark for quality paving stones?

Lifetime Warranty · Consistent Beauty · 100% True Full-Bodied Color · Withstands Harshest Climates · Quality Setting Industry Benchmarks PRODUCT BENEFITS>

Techo-Bloc Concrete Slabs

An outdoor patio is easier to keep tidy when the surface is clad with a beautiful and durable outdoor flooring material. Concrete patio stones and outdoor stone slabs are an ideal solution to any outdoor living area. Suitable for light pedestrian traffic, slabs can be small & uniform, or over-sized & modular. With a variety of shapes, textures, colors, dimensions and styles to choose from, Techo-Bloc makes choosing the right slab for your patio easy.

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aberdeen concrete slab
blu 60 concrete slab paver
borealis concrete slab paver
everest slab concrete paver
hexa slab concrete paver
industria slab concrete paver
ocean slab concrete paver
para slab concrete smooth paver
travertina concrete slab

Techo-Bloc Concrete Pavers

All Techo-Bloc paving stones are designed to withstand vehicular traffic, are de-icing salt resistant, are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty, and contain color all the way through to allow for a natural wear. Because of their thickness and interlocking characteristics, pavers are the product of choice for stone driveway projects. These concrete landscape pavers are manufactured in a variety of shapes, finishes, and colors to harmonize with any architectural style and color palette. Landscape pavers can also be used as patio pavers, walkway pavers and poolside pavers. Techo-Bloc also offers a line of permeable pavers.

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antika concrete paver
blu 80 concrete paver
techo bloc eva concrete paver
mista concrete paver
villagio concrete paver

Techo Bloc Retaining Walls

Techo Bloc's stone and concrete retaining walls for gardens, patios and more are carefully crafted using premium quality material, industry-leading technology and design principles inspired by nature. They strive to make the exterior of your home beautiful, while also adding an outdoor living space perfect for entertaining family and friends for years to come. That’s why all Techo-Bloc products are designed to be resistant to wear and discoloration, and come with a lifetime transferable warranty!

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borealis wood looking wall
techo brandon wall
techo bloc g-force retaining wall
graphix wall from techo bloc
mini creta wall
prescott concrete retaining wall like stone
raffinato wall
semma retaining concrete wall
travertina concrete wall

Techo Bloc Steps, Caps, Edges

Techo-Bloc offers a wide variety of outdoor stone steps for all applications and styles. For seekers of natural stone looks, Techo-Bloc offers an array of chiseled or aged stone steps. For those who prefer a sleek, linear and modern outdoor staircase, Techo-Bloc has concrete block steps in smooth and polished textures.

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