Concrete Retaining Wall Suppliers

Autumn Ridge Stone is a distrubtor for the Holland, Grand Haven, Zeeland and West Michigan areas for retaining wall products from Techo-Bloc retaining walls,High Format Retaining Walls, Unilock Retaining Walls, Rockwood retaining walls.

Techo-Bloc Retaining Walls

Techo-Bloc concrete retaining walls offer a new and comptemory look to wall systems

Techo-Bloc Walls

Unilock Retaining Walls

Unilock conrete reatianing walls are a popular choice for garden walls, fire pit kits, freestanding sitting walls, grill islands and more.

Unilock Concrete Walls

High Formate Retaining Walls

High Format retaining walls give you a natural stone look with a consistencey of a concrete block wall.

High Format Walls

Consumers Concrete Walls

Consumers Concrete retaining walls are great for  basic foundation walls. They make Rockwood walls and Allan Block walls.

Consumers Concrete Walls